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Zytel sheath for F1xez. Will only fit the F1x knife.

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In our usual way, we have put a lot of energy into designing a safe knife sheath, which is actually where the knife will spend most of its time. The design of the sheath determines the access to the knife, and here we have really put all our efforts in order to get a safe sheath that allows easy access to the knife. The sheath has both a transport lock (the folding bracket with a strap) and a working safety detail that allows the knife to be in place until you decide to use it. It is a bit a belt-and-braces approach, but we like putting safety first – a lost knife is of no use. The transport lock will therefore allow the knife to be fastened tip-up or tip-down on the body or on your equipment without any risk.

There is also a strap pack available for the X-sheaths. Click here to get to the Strap pack.

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