After a few years of active use, the edge eventually becomes so thick that the blade must be sharpened, i.e. thinned down so that you can continue to sharpen your knife. If you do not have machines or knowledge for this, you should send the knife to us for sharpening. Under our own auspices, we sharpen the knife’s edge to a largely original shape and finish. Cost for sharpening is SEK 100,00 per knife, plus cost for return shipping. Please note – we sharpen our own knives only. If you live outside the EU, a fee of SEK 125 (without VAT) per shipment can be added for PostNord’s customs handling, this is out of our control.

Proceed as follows: Send the knife into its sheath in a well-packaged letter or package. Arrange your own envelope and pay the postage for the shipment. Do not forget to attach your complete address and contact information

Send the knife to:

Fällkniven AB
Granatvägen 8
S-961 43 BODEN

We suggest that you send the knife as a registered/insured, trackable air mail.  Customers outside the EU: Write KNIFE FOR WARRANTY MATTERS, HS CODE 82 11 92 00, COUNTRY OF ORIGIN SWEDEN on the outside of the package, your post office has got labels for that. As soon as the knife arrives, we sharpen the knife and then contact you with payment information, usually  by sending a VISA/Mastercard payment link. When the payment is made, the knife is returned immediately as an insured and trackable shipment.

Contact us if you have questions or concerns.