PXLey (Elforyn)

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Elmax steel and Elforyn handle (Ivory imitation).


PXL Elmax – Elforyn (Ivory imitation)
PXL is a modern, slightly larger folding knife for daily use (called EDC or every day carry). The adjustable blade is made of the Swedish Elmax powder steel at a hardness of HRC 61/62. It gives an edge which will keep its sharpness extremely well. The handle is in stainless steel and handle scales in the very beautiful and durable Elforyn (ivory imitation). The safe and strong liner blade lock allows you to open and close the blade using one hand only. PXL comes with a strong, removable clip which offers a safe, fast and comfortable access to the knife.

Sheath not included. Click here to view the PXLec Cordura pouch. Fits all PXL models.

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