Marine Tuf-Glide (MTG)

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Item Number: MTG

Quick drying rust inhibitor/lubricant leaving a dry surface that does not attract dirt, dust and debris.


A folding knife’s best friend!
SENTRY Solutions Marine Tuf Glide ™ is based on the original Tuf Glide technology but formulated for use in highly corrosive environments, such as salt water or high humidity. These cleaning solutions offer unmatched protection for anyone carrying a concealed firearm.
• Applied wet but dries quickly, leaving a dry lubricant that does not attract dirt, dust and debris
• Perfect for all conditions, metals and surface treatments, safe for wood and plastic
• Slippery effect in all temperatures – does not thicken from cold or thinned by heat
• Keeps weapons and tools clean, works more smoothly and lasts longer
• Prevents fingerprints, dirt and dullness
• Micro-binding screen prevents rust
• Displaces moisture
• The bottle’s volume 14 ml/0.5 oz, needle applicator
* Non-poisonous but should of course not be used along with food.
** Can be used for moisturizing Marine Tuf Cloth.

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