Handle replacement F1pro

400,00 SEK

Item Number: HF1pro

Handle replacement on your F1pro knife.


If the handle of your F1pro knife is destroyed or damaged in some way, we have the possibility to repair your knife. From now and on we are offering the possibility to apply a new handle and when that is done, we also grind the blade to almost original shape.

What to do?
Buy 1 pc of “Handle replacement F1pro” from our webshop and send the knife (only knife and sheath) as a registered air mail to us. State outside the parcel that it contains a “knife for warranty matters”, HS code “82119200” and “country of origin Sweden”. Your post office has got labels for that.

Send your knife to:

Fallkniven AB
Granatvagen 8
96143 Boden

We remove the damaged handle and rivet and add a new handle to the knife.

The background to this offer is that we believe that your Fallkniven knife should last your entire life. Since the sheath and the handle are parts which will wear out sooner than the blade, we think that it’s a waste of money to “retire” a good knife just because of a damaged handle. So, while you get a renovated knife that you will be able to use for years, we reduce our ecological footprint through smart climate actions.

Please note that return freight cost will be added in the checkout.