GPey (Elforyn)

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The GPey is made of Lam. CoS steel and with a handle of white Elforyn Super Tusk (Ivory imitation).

Suede pouch GPep is included.


GPey is made of a laminated steel with CoS as the edge steel and with a handle of white Elforyn Super Tusk. Elforyn Super Tusk is the material that currently comes closest to replicating real ivory. An incredibly beautiful and durable handle material that requires very little maintenance.

Gentleman’s Pocket Knife appears to be a traditional, slightly old-fashioned pocket knife but if you look at it closely you will find nothing but modern materials and hi-tech solutions. We asked some professional hunters to look at a handmade sample of the GP, and their spontaneous review was: This is how a folding knife for hunting purposes should look like! Aside from personal preferences, we guess that many people will like the steel of this knife, our  laminated cobalt steel is unlikely sharp.

Other benefits include the reliable blade lock. A properly built liner-lock system is, in our opinion, the world’s strongest blade lock while still being easy to deal with. This technical solution also means that the knife is easy to clean. Rinse it under running warm water and let it dry for achieving best hygiene and function. As the strong blade bolt is threaded, you can adjust the blade inertia to suit your personal taste. The blade joint does not require lubrication. Oil and grease rather attract dust and dirt and this will increase rather than reduce wear. The shackle at the end of the handle allows you to tie the knife – you wouldn’t like to lose this beauty!

 Suede pouch GPep is included.

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