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Item Number: BAU

24k gold plated stainless bolt.

Fits the PC, PCx, GP and P/P3G.


If you wish to decorate your folding knife we have a very interesting spare part for you – a 24k gold plated stainless bolt! Usually, when we gold plate jewelry, a very thin layer of gold is added, usually less than 10 micro-inches. Now, on this very special bolt we are adding more than three times that thickness, offering a gold layer of 0,00762 mm or around 30 micro-inches! So, this thick gold layer will last very long.

You will need a Torx T5 screwdriver for this metric M2 thread. Be aware of that the original steel bolt might be a T6/M2. These 24k bolts will fit our models PC (4 bolts), GP (4 bolts) and P/3G (12 bolts). “au” is the chemical sign for gold, that’s why the spare part bolt is called Bau.

Additional information

Skallens diameter

3,21 mm (0,126 ")


3,00 mm (0,118 ")

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