Can I send my knife to Fallkniven for laser engraving?

Yes you can. Preferrably pack the knife in its sheath. Remember to pack the knife very well so that there is no risk of it cutting through the packing material. It is possible to send in several knives in the same package. Also remember to enclose your contact information and a description of how you want the engraving to look like, font, placement etc. If you want a logotype engraving, please email your logo file to [email protected] in advance. When the engraving is done, you will receive an email with payment instructions and total amount. Can be paid with Visa or Mastercard. Return shipping is paid by you as a customer.

Please note that we only offer engraving on our own products.

Send to:
Fallkniven AB
Granatvagen 8
96143 Boden