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Some good advice

Finally, some simple advice on how to use this knife: I hope no one thinks the knife will be used to split firewood with. No, a folding knife is meant for fine-work and retains its shape and function if used with discretion so, never expose your RL1 to heavy abuse! This is a two-handed, non-aggressive folding knife that, if used and handled correctly, will serve you well as long as you live. Learn to sharpen the knife by hand on an extra fine diamond whetstone or with a genuine ceramic sharpener, a sharp knife is safe to use while a dull knife indicates that it is a dull man who owns it. No, I’m sorry, I was just kidding, sharpening of knives is sometimes a difficult chapter! Feel free to use our grinding service, we have been sharpening knives since the middle of the 1980s and are specialized in convex edges.

So, pamper yourself and invest in an RL1!

Best regards
Peter Hjortberger, founder of Fällkniven AB