U2cm – Canis Major (Elmax)

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Elmax steel. Grilon handle.


U2cm with Elmax steel (also available with SGPS steel here), is the new collector’s version for 2023 with the Canis Major (Great Dog) constellation laser engraved on the right side of the blade. After selling tens of thousands of U2 folding knives, it is easy to understand that this light, extremely sharp folding knife is among our most appreciated products. U2 is the first folding knife in the world that since 2004 offers a blade in laminated powder steel and it has really proven to work very well when you demand extreme sharpness. Since 2012, we offer a limited edition of U2 knives with well-known constellations, as below:

2012 U2 Cassiopeia,
2013 U2 Gemini,
2014 U2 Orion,
2015 U2 Scorpio,
2016 U2 Leo,
2017 U2 Taurus,
2018 U2 Ursa Minor,
2019 U2 Pegasus,
2020 U2 Aquarius,
2021 U2 Sagittarius,
2022 U2 Cygnus.
2023 U2 Canis Major.

Canis Major is one of the ancient constellations and is the larger of Orion’s two hunting dogs. The constellation sits at the heel of it’s master Orion, and is next to the smaller constellation of Canis Minor, The Little Dog. Canis Major represents Laelaps, the mythical dog who’s prey couldn’t escape him. The constellation hosts the brightest star on the whole nights sky, the star Sirius. This star is quite an average star, however is so bright in the sky as its so close to us.

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