Green Micro Fine Honing Compound Bar

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For polishing, lapping, stropping and honing knives and wood working tools to a micro fine razor sharp cutting edge.

Size: 60 x 19 x 18 mm


For polishing, lapping, stropping and honing knives, and wood working tools to a micro fine razor sharp cutting edge. Green Micro Fine Honing Compound is made from a combination of fine grade Chromium and Aluminum Oxide powders, resulting in a superb cutting action along with a fine bright finish. The binding agents in this composition are formulated for ease of charging. The compound will adhere well to cotton, felt, leather or wood.

Ideal for straight razors, carving tools and gouges; it can also be used for final honing of almost any tool. Used with cotton or felt wheels and/or leather belts for power honing. Can also be used with a leather strop for hand honing.

  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable

Size: 60 x 19 x 18 mm


Additional information:

Listed below is additional information that may help regarding the types of abrasives in various compounds along with the binder level.

We have highlighted our Green Chrome Oxide Compound.

Compound NameAbrasive Type/GradeBinder ContentUse Cut/ColorAbrading Scale
Black EmeryA/OHighFast CutCoarse
Brown TripoliTripoliMediumCut/ColorMedium
White RougeAluminaMediumCut/ColorMedium Fine
Blue RougeBlue RougeLowHigh LusterFine
Green RougeChrome OxideLowHigh LusterFine
Red RougeFerric OxideLowHigh LusterFine


Binder Content:

H            High binder content necessary for heavy cutting operations (high metal removal). The binder is used to hold the abrasive particles onto the buff face.

M           Medium binder content is normal for compounds used for medium metal removal but results in good brightness.

L             Low binder content for finishing compounds, giving high brightness & clean components.


Regarding the grit size of our compound, you actually measure the abrasives by sieve mesh size, rather than by grit. For a large majority of these compounds, including the green compound, the mesh size would be listed as -325. (That’s a trade determination that simply says nothing in the abrasive is coarser than 325 grit.) However, that specification would see the fine particle in that same abrasive going all the way down to .6 micron.


Additionally, there are many other factors that must also be considered in a compound, other than the grit/mesh size including:

The hardness of the abrasive, the porosity of the abrasive, the oil absorption value of the abrasive, the melting point of the binders and the ratio of the abrasives to the ratio of binders.

A broad generalization would be this:

“The drier the grade, typically a higher luster would be produced. Less binder will make a drier-working compound with less cut and probably leave a higher luster. Conversely, increasing the binder ratio will result in a greasier grade that in most instances will cut sharper, provide more lubrication, and possibly reduce the frequency of application.”

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