U2cy – Cygnus (Elmax)

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Elmax steel. Grilon handle.


U2cy, like in Cygnus, the Latin word for swan, is the new collector’s version for 2022 with the Swan constellation laser engraved on the right side of the blade. After selling tens of thousands of U2 folding knives, it is easy to understand that this light, extremely sharp folding knife is among our most appreciated products. Since 2012, we offer a limited edition of U2 knives with well-known constellations, as below:
2012 U2 Cassiopeia,
2013 U2 Gemini,
2014 U2 Orion,
2015 U2 Scorpio,
2016 U2 Leo,
2017 U2 Taurus,
2018 U2 Ursa Minor,
2019 U2 Pegasus,
2020 U2 Aquarius,
2021 U2 Sagittarius,
2022 U2 Cygnus.
The Swan constellation, or the Northern Cross as it is also called, is one of the starry heaviest and most magnificent constellations. It is part of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, and consists of a number of very clear giant stars that with a little imagination can be shaped into a swan that dives with its head down. The constellation shows many extremely interesting astronomical oddities such as huge black holes, radioactive stars, quasars, nebulae but above all – stars that turn out to have so-called exoplanets, i.e. Earth-like planets orbiting around them.
The strongest star in the constellation is called Deneb and is a super gigantic celestial body about 1400 light-years from us, perhaps the brightest of all the stars in the night sky. According to Greek mythology, the Swan was a disguised Zeus, a god, a creature with both faults and merits, just like us humans.
Our nearest star is our own sun, maybe you do not think about that? When the light from the sun reaches us, it has been on its way for eight minutes. The speed of light is 300,000 km/second. We are “just” far away from life to exist on Tellus, our earth. But what if there are Earth-like planets in the constellation Swan? It will not be easy to get there for a check, the distance is really astronomical.

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