S1W (VG10W Test series)

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Lam. VG10W steel. Thermorun handle.


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The Swedish Forest knife S1 was born more than twenty years ago and from the beginning it was based on a Swedish knife tradition – a clean, straightforward design where safety and performance formed a winning couple. Model S1 is also our second best selling knife model (after the F1) which is a good acknowledgement that form and function work as intended. What distinguished this knife from all other knives in the world, however, was that it was the first stainless steel knife ever with a convex shaped edge, which now is standard on all our knives. You have to look for a stronger, sharper edge!
Now we are considering upgrading our now well-known laminated VG10 steel and, since we are not leaving anything to chance, we have specially manufactured a small test series of 243 pieces that we now sell on the open world market. Visually, the S1 knife looks as usual but the steel is a little different because we added tungsten (wolfram) to the VG10 steel. In general, the addition of tungsten means that the edge becomes substantially more solid and keeps the sharpness better, at least that is what our own tests showed. To be on the safe side, we invite a smaller number of customers to buy and test this new variant and we hope, of course, to get opinions – positive and negative – in the spring/summer 2020.
The knife is currently available in glossy finish as well as with leather or sheath. A full black version is in the planning but not in stock, it is the steel we want to evaluate first and foremost.

If you already have got an F1/S1/A1 knife or any other model with our well-known laminated VG10 steel, take the chance to come across a test specimen of S1Wz or S1WL and be sure to put the knife to the test! This is not a collector’s item but a clean utility knife!

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