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Lam. CoS steel. Thermorun handle.


The Fallkniven H1 knife a very handy knife of impressive strength. The H1 is our first true hunting knife and is filled with the history of classic north Scandinavian knifemaking art. Due to this heritage the H1 lacks a standard finger guard, but grip safety is enhanced through its ergonomically shaped textured handle made of thermorun plastic.. Due to the grip shape and handle design, the H1 is for experienced hunters and outdoorsman due to the handle shape. you should be an experienced hunter or outdoorsman to ensure you who can safely use this classic yet advanced hunting knife.

The blade cover for the H1 is an injection molded zytel sheath that offers a streamlined, safe and strong combination of qualities that should satisfy all users. The sheath can be operated with one hand operated, and is very easy to keep clean.

The blade is made of a special stainless steel called Lam. CoS (Laminated Cobalt Special Steel). After using this steel for a number of years we can conclude that it is a very well balanced and affordable steel. It has a fine balance between sharpness and strength, but is still relatively easy to sharpen. It is hardened and tempered to 60 HRC, a hardness that we found ideal for this steel in terms of sharpness and strength.

Blade function
The special design of the H1 blade is for processing game when hunting. The H1 knife may look different but it works very well. In many respects the performance of a knife depends on the person actually holding the knife. Knowing where and how to place the correct incision into game is beyond the knife. Hunters need to avoid bad cuts, keep hair off the meat, prevent sliced organs, and minimize the blood flowing on the game and the hunter. The combination of a skilled hunter and a well-designed knife is unbeatable! The incisions are well placed, the game is kept clean, and no unnecessary cuts into the meat or organs.

Blade design
The Fallkniven H1 is what an optimal hunting knife looks like. We believe that the perfect hunting blade length is around four to five inches, not the small two-inch blades that are often sold to hunters. The H1 hunting knife is close in design to a professional butcher’s knife. Proper blade length must be combined with a blade shape that provides a long, effective skinning edge, and most importantly a tip that is shaped properly for penetration performance because a hunting knife must function well along the edge and at the tip. The tip of the H1 hunting knife is designed aid in skinning by penetrating the hide without cutting into the meat.

The Fallkniven H1 hunting knife will quickly become your first choice for processing game and carrying on your hunting trips. Every feature of the H1 is matched for maximum capability in many hunting situations. From the sharp, strong and tough blade steel with a 0.2″ blade thickness, to the razor-sharp convex-ground blade, to the straight and ergonomic handle in thermorun rubber, to the extremely compact size, the H1 will serve the demanding needs of the experienced hunters and true outdoorsmen.

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